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Obligatory Crazy Tea Party Sign Photo Gallery

Yes, they came back to Washington, D.C., a year after their initial big march, to attend a rally on the Capitol grounds sponsored by FreedomWorks, the astroturf group chaired by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas. And while Tea Party leaders have sought to clean up the movement's image -- distancing themselves from the threats of violence and occasionally racist messaging on signs seen at earlier Tea Party gatherings, I can assure you that there were more than a smattering of signs that might give one pause. A new theme emerged at this event though: Ayn Rand lives. Several signs evoked the title of her novel, Atlas Shrugged, and her name was evoked from the rally stage by none other than Bob MacGuffie, the guy who wrote the memo last summer on how to disrupt a town-hall meeting. But enough about the minutia; let's get to the militia -- and the Patriots, Christians and liberatarians who brought their signs, wore their costumes, and brought plenty of attitude to the nation's capital today.Tea Party chic. What, I wonder, is he seeking to restore? As soon as I snapped this pic, the guy holding this sign decided to move on. Like super pussy is a bad thing? This couple came up with the idea for these tee-shirts -- the Gadsden flag snake doing a boa-constrictor strangle of Obama -- and was selling them to Tea Partiers. I bought one ($10), but they scooted away before I could get their names. Not to be outdone by the anti-Obama Gadsden boa-constrictor, Joe Yochum of Central Illinois offered me a special show of his needle artist's handiwork. "Look what I did," he said, raising his shirt. Oh, the old Manchurian Mobasan (Kenya, in case you didn't know where Mobasa is) candidate ruse. Birtherism abounds. Mobasa, Beijing -- you get the idea. Whatever he is, you can rest assured he's not white. Neither is Karl Marx, for that matter (or Groucho). But apparently Jesus is. Locked and loaded.
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