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Pam Geller, World-Class Shrieking Islamophobe, Goes Mainstream

This post is by D. Aristophanes, and originally appeared atSadly, No!

Our widdle wingnut is all growed up! It is with some pride that we have observed the recent rise of Pamela Geller to respectable, mainstream status— after all, Sadly, No! has been covering the erstwhile Pam Atlas since at least early 2006 (and our commenters were clued in to her even earlier).

Why, it seems like just yesterday that Pam was palling around with Neo-Nazis at seedy gatherings on the ass-end of the European political fringe1, fighting an eliminationist civil war over the dwindling crumbs of post-Katrina stupid, and revealing to a skeptical world that Barack Obama just may be — just might be — Malcolm X’s love child.

Now, thanks to newly resurgent anti-Muslim rage amongst the teatards — and its usefulness to GOP electoral chances in November — Geller finds herself the talk of the town, a sought-after commentator on the national stage as desperate media outlets seek to uncover the mystery as to whybigoted bigots are acting really bigoted out of bigotry.

Until recently, only a handful of bloggers and their readers were privy to Pam’s daily deluge of cap-locked misinformation and shrieking xenophobia. But today, like a shooting star flashing across the night sky (if said comet took several years2 of flirtini-addled, spit-flecked stumbling to careen tits-first through our field of vision), she speaks to a much wider audience. Indeed, an entire nation can now read stuff like this:


‘The purpose of these talks is clear. These will be direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. These negotiations are intended to resolve all final status issues. The goal is a settlement, negotiated between the parties, that ends the occupation which began in 1967 and results in the emergence of an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security with a Jewish state of Israel and its other neighbors. That’s the vision we are pursuing.’ Presdeint Obama, September 1, 2010

Spoken like a true antisemite. ‘Illegal’ occupation?

Well, no, ‘illegal’ was not a term used by Presdeint Obama in the supplied quote, though in fairness we don’t know what his doppelganger,President Obama may have said. It’s also worth noting that the ‘true anti-semites’ on the Israeli Supreme Court have ruled that the West Bank is ‘occupied’, but perhaps that’s a detail best puzzled over another day.

Or maybe you’d be interested to learn that Anti-Defamation League director Abe Foxman is actually a jihad-loving toady of Islamic supremacists? ‘Mighty classy, dhimmi,’ as Pam so politely punctuates the point.

In a victory for our national dialogue, more and more people can learn these things, thanks to Pam’s ascent to superstar status. And these days, she’s even got her own pet nebish!

Here’s to you, Pammy. You’ve come a Long Island way, baby!

1 Pam back in 2007 on hanging out with Vlaams Belang, originally the pro-Nazi Dutch Vlaams Blok party: ‘Who the hell wasn’t a nazi collaborator in Europe? Puhleeeeeze.’

Pam on George Soros a couple of months earlier: ‘Soros has sinister ties to anti-semites and Nazis.’

2Decades even — holy shit!

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