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He's Crazy Enough, but Tea Partiers Turn on Colorado GOPer Dan Maes After New Scandal

They loved him when he was prattling on about how Denver's bike-share program was a secret UN plot (I always thought they got around in black helicopters, but what do I know?), but now that he lied about having done undercover police work, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes is becoming toxic. Denver Post(via TPM):
Despite mounting pressure from the GOP establishment and Tea Party groups to get out of the governor's race, Republican Dan Maes continued to dig in his heels Thursday, saying he wasn't going anywhere. "This is a culture war, a culture war between the people and the machine, and we're going to find out who controls things," Maes said. "I am not getting out of the race."
The calls for Maes to step aside are just the latest — but perhaps most significant — obstacles he has faced in his unlikely ascent from political novice and Tea Party favorite to party nominee. But a Denver Post story this week reporting that Maes embellished details about his law enforcement background combined with today's deadline for certification of the general election ballot prompted a string of defections. Soon after the story was published, Hank Brown, a former U.S. senator and former University of Colorado president, withdrew his endorsement, setting off a domino effect not only among prominent Republicans, but Maes' core, grassroots base. Embroiled in two months of controversies ranging from paying a record $17,500 fine for campaign-finance violations to alleging that the Denver bicycle-sharing program could "threaten our personal freedoms" and result in U.S. cities becoming a tool for a United Nations agenda, Maes has shifted the blame for his missteps onto the media, his opponents and the GOP establishment. Tea Party leaders across the state Thursday said in often harsh terms that they wanted Maes to drop out. Lesley Hollywood, director of the Northern Colorado Tea Party, posted on Facebook: "Alright Dan Maes — it's time for you to go. Get out now, while the gettin' is still good." Mesa County commissioner and Tea Party organizer Janet Rowland called Maes a "fraud" in an e-mail sent to thousands of grassroots supporters and asked them not to support his candidacy. Hear Us Now!, which bills itself as the original tax-day Tea Party group, rescinded its endorsement.
Consider this bit again: "Maes has shifted the blame for his missteps onto the media, his opponents and the GOP establishment." Of course he has -- he's a wingnut and that's how they roll. These guys are all about personal responsibility, as long as it doesn't apply to them. No matter how crazy their public statements, how corrupt or incompetently their campaigns are run or how egregious the falsehoods they get called out for, it's always somebody else's fault -- the "liberal media" or the establishment or whatever. Pathetic.
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