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Wingnuts Stir the Crazy with Fake Outrage Over "Ground Zero" Church

This post is by tintin and originally appeared atSadly, No! Jim Hoft, The Gateway Dumbshit, offers another of hisbreathless dispatches on the perfidy of liberals who are, apparently, giving the keys to Fort Knox to the Mooslim terrorists while snatching innocent Christian infants from the teats of their mothers and then grinding them up in blenders to be used in acai berry, baby flesh and artichoke slushies drunk by Muslims each evening during the month of Ramadan. Here’s the headline of Hoft’s latest:
Unreal. New York Officials Refuse to Allow Christians to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9-11
And the post itself:
OK… Now this ought to make your blood boil. New York officials have killed plans to rebuild a Greek Orthodox Church near Ground Zero. … And, yet these same officials are bending over backwards for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque planners. Unreal.
Of course, if true, this would be an outrage. But this tale, like so many of the tales propagated by Hoft (including his recent terrified report of a baboon running loose in St. Louis and endangering the whole town), is just too silly and improbable to be believed by anybody but the most self-soiled of bedwitters (all of which can be found in Hoft’s comment section). So, is the nixed church story true? Sadly, No! Originally, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced an agreement where the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was completely destroyed when one of the Twin Towers collapsed on it, would be rebuilt at a new and larger location east of its original site. The Port Authority would buy from the Church the land on which the church building initially stood in exchange for $20 million and the larger land parcel as well as committing to spend an additional $40 million on improvements for the site. The church and the Port Authority were unable to agree finally to the terms of this deal. However, the church still owns its original parcel and can rebuild its church there. Neither the Port Authority, nor the City of New York, nor the White House, nor the Tooth Fairy, nor the local zoning commission, nor Keith Olbermann, nor Ezra Klein, nor Judge Walker nor anyone else has told the church that it cannot rebuild on that site. Even the Fox News story cited by Hoft to support his point says that in a passage conveniently omitted by Hoft.
“St. Nicholas Orthodox Church has always had and will continue to have the right to rebuild on its original location. The question was whether public money would be spent to build a much larger church at a separate location on the site and ensuring that construction wouldn’t delay the World Trade Center further,” [Port Authority] spokesman Stephen Sigmund said in a written statement.
If you could replace Hoft’s entire brain with puréed raw goat meat, there it little question that this would raise his I.Q. by 20 to 30 points.
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