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Anti-Abortion Group Puts Up Graphic Billboard Showing Aborted Fetus

Written by Robin Marty for - News, commentary and community for reproductive health and justice. When it comes to creepy, offensive anti-choice billboards, Texas has decided to one up Georgia. Midland Catholics for Life has taken Radiance's "abortion is genocide" message even further, adding in some graphic images and even more overwrought rhetoric to its display. Via CBS 7:
A graphic downtown billboard is turning heads and raising questions in Midland. Some who have spoken out against the public display considers the billboard’s depiction of a dead baby inappropriate. Located at the corner of Texas Avenue and Ft. Worth St., right across the street from Planned Parenthood’s Midland Office, the billboard shows what appears to be a dead baby in a doctor’s hand on the left side. On the right side it shows what looks like a woman in emotional distress. Above the left side it reads “one dead” and above the right side it reads “one injured.” On the right side near the woman it reads, “One wounded.” The two-sided billboard also has a message on the back. That side says, “Abortion is genocide” and is accompanied by two photos. The left side depicts what is presumably a healthy baby and the right side shows what looks like a baby that is not alive.
The purpose of the graphic photos, which only recently went live, is to "expose the atrocities that are occurring in Planned Parenthood every week," according to the president of the group. The pictures used are originallyfrom anti-choice group The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (note, links go to graphic photos), and allegedly depicts an aborted 13 week fetus (11 weeks post fertilization) and 26 week fetus (24 weeks post fertilization), even though 90 percent of all abortions performed are done prior to 12 weeks, and the majority of these before 10 weeks. The Midland anti-choice group asserts that subjecting the public, even possibly children, to bloody fetus photos, is the only way to make women understand the choice they are making. Planned Parenthood clinic staff disagree. Read more