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Sarah Palin Is the Intellectual Heir to Ronald Reagan, but That's Not Saying Much

This is cross-posted from Whiskey Fire. From one of the Big Stupids:
You had to live through it to recognize the metamorphosis. During those early days of June 2004, as the nation mourned the passing of Ronald Reagan, you would have never known he had been ridiculed and treated with disdain for most of his political career—not only by Democrats but by establishment Republicans.
If it makes him feel any more grounded, I will say forthrightly that I stillthink Reagan deserves ridicule & disdain. But if it's a question of the Reagan Legacy it's the Sarah Palin stuff that impresses:
Even today, as her Facebook numbers rise and her influence is felt via endorsements for candidates running for both state offices and Congress, she is shunned by the establishment. The same type of people who considered Reagan a simpleton and a neanderthal have dubbed her “Caribou Barbie."
Because while the Reagan veneration has always been more than a little absurd, next to the Palin veneration, it makes some sort of sense. "She is popular on Facebook" is not exactly a triumph of statecraft, unless we're now electing Kardashians. Reagan , you know, didn't quit, and in his second term he would have had a decent excuse, being not compos mentis & all. Hell, it's at least as good an argument for Gipperly Gravitas as the Big Stupid guy's other one, namely, "you know who elsewas in a monkey movie? Cary fucking Grant, that's who!"
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