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Elena Kagan Confirmed to Supreme Court

This post first appeared on Daily Kos. Elena Kagan's nomination to be associate justice of the Supreme Court was just approved by the full Senate, in a 63 to 37 vote. The Senators sat in their appointed desks on the Senate floor, Rising to deliver their votes, in a more formal and stately process than is generally seen in that body. There were few surprises in the voting. Republicans voting yes were Collins, Graham, Gregg, Lugar, and Snowe. Ben Nelson voted no. She was confirmed with a larger margin than Alito, who was confirmed 58 to 42, and Thomas, who was confirmed 52 to 48, but with fewer votes than the remaining justices, a reflection of the heightened and toxic political environment this election year. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, for one, is enthused by Kagan's appointment, only the fourth woman to be approved for the position.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says the prospect of three women on the Supreme Court is exhilarating, and she intends to stay around and enjoy it. After the death of her husband and her own treatment for cancer, there was speculation that the 77-year-old justice would step down. But she told The Associated Press on Tuesday that she plans to remain on the court for the foreseeable future and still wants to match Justice Louis Brandeis, who retired at age 82.
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