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Even Republican Voters More Interested in Government Money Than in Tea Parties and Sarah Palin

Guess what? Most voters -- including a plurality of Republicans -- care about the actual things that their congresspeople do, like bringing government money and projects to their home districts. Of less concern: whether they've adequately pandered to the Tea Parties, or whether Sarah Palin writes a nice Facebook message about them (the latter is actually a bummer for the general election, as New Hampshire Republican candidate Kelly Ayotte found out.) According to anew poll conducted by Pew Research:
... the public is nonplussed about partisan standard-bearers. More respondents by far said it makes no difference to their vote if a candidate is affiliated with President Obama, former Republican Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, or the tea party movement. Funneling money back to the folks back home was the only factor that would indicate support for a congressional candidate.
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