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Tea Partiers, Accustomed to Being Suckered by Cynical GOP Operatives, Are Outraged to be Duped by Cynical Dems

I'm a bit late to it, so you may have caught this story last week.
With the July 14 filing of close to 60,000 signatures, the Tea Party is set to appear on ballots across Michigan this fall. But no so fast, say members of the Michigan Tea Party Alliance. They claim that those signatures were probably gathered under false pretenses. Jim Lefler, a member of the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots, one of dozens of groups under the Michigan Tea Party Alliance said "we're concerned that a number of the signatures were collected unwittingly from people that were not properly explained what this tea party really was. We consider it to be a sham organization." Members of the Michigan Tea Party Alliance rallied on the Capitol Building's steps before testifying at meeting of the Michigan Board of Canvassers. Their mission? Get rid of that party.
Word has is that some Dem operatives are putting a slew of phony Tea Baggers on the ballot to confuse the real ones. If that's true, it's despicable. But the outrage emanating from the right is completely hypocritical. Turnabout is, after all, fair play. Remember this story from 2008?

Roman is one of five Green Party candidates who ran similarly mysterious campaigns this year in hotly contested races around Florida. All five indicated on financial disclosure forms that they loaned themselves money, even though most of them were broke. Few of them were willing to speak to the press or to representatives of their own party.

Democrats accused the now-dubbed “Florida Five” of being paid GOP moles, inserted into tight races in order to attract left-leaning voters.

Or here's one from the current election cycle:

The liberal Green Party's uphill battle to get on the Texas ballot this fall has been fueled by a surprising benefactor: an out-of-state Republican consultant with a history of helping conservative causes and GOP candidates.

Again, I'm not saying two wrongs make a right -- just that they make wailing about this one hypocritical.

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