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Legal Observer Arrested by Arpaio Deputies During AZ Protests

Did you hear about this act of alleged terrorism in France?
Two employees of the U.S. embassy in France have left hospital following medical tests in Paris after they handled a “suspicious” envelope. Both employees “are fine and have left the hospital” Paul Patin, a U.S. embassy spokesman, said in a telephone interview. They were exposed to tear-gas fumes, according to Associated Press report, citing French police officials.
Tear gas. I've been subjected to this kind of terror perpetrated by rioting police time and time again while peacefully protesting the international "trade" regime -- and a few times while covering such protests as a member of the media. One thing I've come to fear during these melees -- something that I learned observing the infamous "Miami model" first-hand -- is when they target the legal observers. It's a very clear sign that law enforcement is not interested in upholding the law, but rather in violating it. And they don't want expert witnesses around. This if from a release put out yesterday by the Center for Constitutional Rights:
This afternoon, CCR Attorney Sunita Patel was arrested while carrying out her legal observer duties at a protest of Arizona’s unconstitutional immigration law, SB 1070. As police began a sweep, Ms. Patel began to take down names of those being arrested and was promptly arrested herself. Witnesses say legal observers were deliberately targeted by police. Said CCR Legal Director Bill Quigley, “Arresting a young woman of color who is there as an attorney observer demonstrates how irresponsible and un-American the Arizona action is. I fear Arizona is starting to act like Mississippi in the civil rights days.”
Here's the odd bit, according to a New America Media report:
[Patel] flew in from New York to provide legal support to a civil disobedience protest against SB 1070 at a downtown Phoenix jail. In an unlikely switch, Sherrif Joe Arpaio’s deputies arrested her and took her to the Third Avenue jail.
Anyway, I hope everyone understands that if the time should come when people are afraid to attend a protest for fear of unlawful arrest -- or worse -- then the First Amendment would no longer be in effect in the United States.
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