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Why Preening Blue Dogs Will Always Block Filibuster Reform

This post first appeared on Balloon Juice. Of course the egomaniacs in the Senate are now against reforming the filibuster:
Senate Democrats do not have the votes to lower the 60-vote threshold to cut off filibusters.The lack of support among a handful of Senate Democratic incumbents is a major blow to the effort to change the upper chamber’s rules.
They won’t get the votes to change it because Senators recognize that these ridiculous cloture rules means they get to bitch slap the House of Representatives whenever they want. The House really doesn’t get to write legislation anymore, they make suggestions, and then the Senate does whatever they want and tells the House to accept it or to eat a bag of dicks, because everyone knows how hard it is to reach 60 votes in the Senate- “Sure, we know you all had plenty of votes for the public option in the house, BUT SUCK ON THIS BITCHES!” Likewise, preening princes like Lieberman and Nelson and the twin President’s from Maine recognize that the need to 60 votes means that wholly unprincipled individuals such as themselves can basically get whatever they want regardless of what party is in charge. They get to play rotating bad guy/President and vote the way the highest bidder wants. Filibuster reform will never happen because these people think the world revolves around them, and majority rule reduces how important. Additionally, the status quo is pretty damned good for the people who buy off these clowns, so why would they want to let mob majority rule threaten their wholly owned House of Lords? Climate change legislation, tax changes, the public option- all these things that scare the shit out of the haves in society might happen with simple majority rule. Can’t have that.