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Earthquake in D.C. Easy to Miss

I awoke to the news that I had slept through an earthquake, despite my proximity of a few miles from the epicenter in Rockville, Md. Okay, so it was only a 3.6 on the Richter scale, but to East Coasters, any measurable seismic activity is a big deal. Sometime in the '80s, a quake of similar magnitude struck the New York City area, where I was living at the time and, lemme tell ya, I didn't miss it. Lept right outta the bed. What's so different now? Perhaps it's having learned to sleep through the post 9-11 paranoia of presumably living in the terrorist's cross-hairs, or having learned to accept as normal the occasional horde of angry people ascending Capitol Hill to accuse the president of treason. Or maybe I'm just extremely mellow.
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