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Tea Party Darling/Extremist Rand Paul Plays Media Victim

This post originally appeared on Daily Kos. Comedy:
Speaking at the Kentucky Freedom Festival on Saturday, Republican Senate hopeful Rand Paul informed Tea Party activists that “we have to get our policy out there, we’re not going to get a lot of help from the newspapers.” He urged grassroots groups to raise money and purchase air time, arguing, “Until we buy advertising, the message is controlled by the other side.”
Translation: After voicing his extremist ideas beyond the confines of the local tea party rallies, Paul has avoided the media like the plague lest the rank and file voters of Kentucky realize what a right-wing nutcase he is. Of course Paul doesn't really have to rely on the liberal-media-victimization claim to raise money to get out his whitewashed message of the rogue candidate fighting against big money, Washington insiders ... that's what he has big money, Washington insiders for.
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