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Whack-Job Bin Laden Hunter Says He's a "Samurai" (or "Rambo") for God

Acouple of weeks ago, I pointed to the story of Gary Faulkner, a construction worker from California who said he was hunting Osama bin Laden when arrested in a touristy area of Pakistan with a sword and some night-vision equipment. He's back in the states, and gave an interview to CNN. TPM's Rachel Slajda has a follow-up today. The interviewer asked how a Californian goes about finding Bin Laden ...
"You don't. You let the spirit guide you and unless you have the spirit of God, not the Mother Mary or some Mohammad or something like that. God almighty has to put his hand on you. I've been protected," Faulkner said.
Uh, Gary, you've been arrested and sent back home as a laughingstock. Maybe you should give Mohammed's guidance a shot next time!
Faulkner said he got close to bin Laden -- within rifle range, he said. But he added that he hasn't actually seen the terrorist.
Had him in my sites, I tell you. He was this big!
In the interview, Faulkner appears angry, especially at the way he's been portrayed in the news. "You could say I'm a religious freak, you could say I'm a Rambo or a samurai or whatever, but you know what? I'm a person who said I'm going to get off my ass and do something," he said.
Let's just say you're a freak and leave it at that.
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