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21 Days Since Congress Cut Off Benefits for Millions, Sharron Angle Calls the Unemployed "Spoiled"

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars, Sharron Angle showing some compassionate conservatism. If you can't watch video on your computer, she basically breaks out the tired old meme that our massive system of "entitlements" -- AKA, the thinnest social safety net in the developed world -- has "spoiled" our citizens to a degree that they just won't take the millions of jobs that she imagines are out there just waiting to be filled. Standard stuff. Meanwhile, it's been 21 days since Congress failed to extend benefits for the long0-term unemployed. The National Employment Law Project is highlighting the stories of the real people whom Angle and her fellow travelers consider to be little more than welfare queens. Meet "C.R.," who is getting laid off  in July:
I am a career non-profit worker/community organizer, beginning with post college experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa.  I have successfully raised two children, as single mother and have always retained health insurance.  I am now 52, remain dedicated to hard community work and due to fundraising difficulties in the present economic climate find myself about to be jobless for the first time since graduating from college and going into the Peace Corps. I have a mortgage still due on the home that I “own” and have lived in for 23 years in Minneapolis. I assumed I would be “safe,” meaning I could make my house payments and health insurance payments,  when I lost my job because I thought I could rely on unemployment insurance (which I’ve never had to access before) and the critical link of COBRA subsidy offered through the stimulus package this past year. I have the added concern of being a cancer survivor having been diagnosed ten years ago.  Because the insurance companies, by and large, can continue to discriminate against people like me with a pre-existing condition, I will be in a very serious, perhaps life threatening position when I am left with no insurance in August.
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