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Ted Haggard Starts New Church Allegedly Open to Gays -- But Not Gay Marriage

Ted Haggard, inconveniently busted for having meth-soaked gay sex while advocating for anti-gay marriage legislation in 2006, just announced he's starting a new church that welcomes gays and short people ... and Democrats: "All are welcome. Whether you're a Democrat, a Republican, gay, straight, bi-[sexual] tall, short, addict, recovering addict....I believe Jesus' arms are open to all," said Haggard in a news conference this morning. Haggard said that the 2006 scandal that ended his career as pastor of New Life Mega Church and dedicated gay-basher helped him embrace a more accepting Christianity. "I don't judge people anymore." Also helpful in Haggard's transformation: the Prenner Group, a Los Angeles based PR group that also counts as its clients "Girls Next Door", according to their site. Don't worry, Haggard still thinks gay marriage is wrong: "God's ideal plan for a marriage is the union of a man and a woman," he said the the press conference (he did, however, maintain the "I'm not judgy" rhetoric, adding that it's also "God's ideal" that weight be kept under control). Nice redemption narrative. Prenner Group is good.
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