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Ocean Life Thrives On Crude Oil ! Meet Congressional Candidate Art Robinson

How far out are the candidates the GOP is fielding in the 2010 election ? Well, a few weeks ago I covered Rand Paul's ties to the Constitution Party that's heavily influenced by Christian Reconstructionism - whose leaders want to stone, bash to death with rocks that is, gays, overly rebellious children, and women who have sex before marriage. Then there's Tim D'Annunzio, a Tea-Partying congressional candidate vying to be the GOP's nominee in North Carolina's 8th District, who according to his ex-wife (who, admittedly, may bear a bit of a grudge) "had claimed to be the Messiah, had traveled to New Jersey to raise his stepfather from the dead, [and] believed God would drop a 1,000-mile high pyramid as the New Jerusalem on Greenland and found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona." Moving along, on a more serious note, consider Arthur Robinson. Running on the GOP ticket for Congress in Oregon's 4th District, Art Robinson, who in 2004 wrote that the world's ocean life was "starved" for crude oil, might want to consider adopting, as a campaign mascot, a dolphin. Not just any dolphin but this one, which died an obviously traumatic and extremely painful death from being immersed in the toxic soup of oil spewing from from British Petroleum's Deepwater Horizon oil well blowout, and chemical dispersants BP has dumped in a bid to keep the oil from reaching fragile coastal shorelines. Last week, on May 24th I posted my story "Dump Oil and Nuclear Waste at Sea, Proposed Oregon GOP Congressional Candidate", at Alternet and the Huffington Post, and it referenced a column, titled "OCEAN DUMPING? YES!" that was printed in a 2004 issue of Arthur Robinson's Access To Energy newsletter. A few days later, an editor at the Huffington Post informed me that Robinson was disputing the factual accuracy of my piece - he claimed he wasn't editing Access To Energy at the time and didn't write the column. It's not surprising Robinson wanted to distance himself from the 2004 column given its claims:
"Wastes dumped into the deep ocean will soon reach the bottom, where they are less hazardous than nearly any other place on Earth. Most materials will remain there: marine organisms are rare in the deep ocean, food chains are long, and few materials will be carried back to mankind. And that is what waste disposal is all about... ...The oil companies' reckless greed, we are told, has devastated the oceans with their oil spills. Baloney."
The column then went even further, claiming that the Earth's oceans are "starved for" crude oil,
"As for oil spills in the open and deep ocean, they amount to far less than natural seeps and river runoff, and any unbiased oceanographer will confirm that they are a boon to marine life, inflicting damage mainly on the oil and shipping companies. For crude oil is a natural, organic, biodegradable product of the earth's ancient plant and animal life, and it is this type of hydrocarbon that marine life in the open and deep ocean is starved for."
Further, explained another article in the same 2004 Access to Energy newsletter, the free market and the profit motive are absolutely the best guarantors of a clean environment:
"The environment, then, has no better protector than its owner, and no worse enemy than a system where everything belongs to "the people." Species are endangered when they belong to everybody and nobody; and nothing short of the profit motive will protect them."
What I found satisfied the Huffington Post. As it turned out, in numerous highly favorable right-wing media stories on Arthur Robinson over the years, Robinson's the only person who has ever been credited as writing and editing the Access to Energy newsletter. Indeed, according to The American Spectator, he prints Access To Energy in his garage. From all indications it's a one-man operation. When Robinson won the OR 4th District GOP primary in early May, some readers of Access to Energy even wrote on their blogs about how thrilled they were that the author of the publication was running for Congress. But the most direct evidence I found establishing that Robinson did indeed edit and publish Access to Energy in 2004 was an article he co-wrote, for the John Birch Society's masthead publication, The New American, which identified Robinson as "editor of the newsletter Access to Energy." Titled Science, Politics and Death and co-authored by Arthur B. Robinson & Jane M. Orient, the article suggested that global warming, an elaborate hoax according to Robinson and Orient, and bans on the use of DDT, were part of a vast plot by environmentalists, a genocidal depopulation scheme designed to kill hundreds of millions of the world's poor. In a section of the article titled "Enemies of Humanity," Robinson and Orient wrote,
"some hard-core environmentalists believe their own propaganda... But there are others who know better and who are trying to create widespread fear through overblown or manufactured environmental "crises" to justify global, authoritarian controls. Their largest and most ambitious manufactured "crisis" thus far is the myth of human-caused global warming. If this myth becomes entrenched in world agreements to diminish hydrocarbon fuel use, the cost will be not just hundreds of billions of dollars but countless numbers of human lives... If world economic conditions deteriorate, hundreds of millions of these people are going to die... These deaths and this suffering would not be unintended consequences of supposedly well-intentioned proposals. They are the true objectives of many environmental extremists who want to radically reduce the world’s population, and they are means to an end for a global power elite."
Other "enemies of humanity" in the vast plot were "unprincipled businessmen", "political hacks", and "government bureaucrats" who were scaring the masses "into supporting a deadly, coercive agenda they do not understand." Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, British Petroleum, in collusion with government officials, is barring citizens and media from oil-stained beaches on the freakish pretext that the oil belongs to BP. Art Robinson has a rational side too, and was not dealt the easiest of lots in life - in 1988 his wife died suddenly, leaving Robinson with six children to raise. A brilliant chemist, Robinson found himself on the right side of an acrimonious dispute with his former teacher and colleague Linus Pauling who claimed megadoses of Vitamin C could cure cancer. The clash escalated into a protracted and extremely expensive legal fight. Robinson eventually won. And, Arthur Robinson and his Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM) conduct what appears to be quite legitimate research into the biological mechanisms behind aging and disease. On the other side of the equation, Art Robinson and OISM have played a major, early role in the Global Warming denialism industry, especially through the so-called 1998 "Petition Project." As the Union of Concerned Scientists describes,
"The Marshall Institute co-sponsored with the OISM a deceptive campaign -- known as the Petition Project -- to undermine and discredit the scientific authority of the IPCC and to oppose the Kyoto Protocol. Early in the spring of 1998, thousands of scientists around the country received a mass mailing urging them to sign a petition calling on the government to reject the Kyoto Protocol. The petition was accompanied by other pieces including an article formatted to mimic the journal of the National Academy of Sciences. Subsequent research revealed that the article had not been peer-reviewed, nor published, nor even accepted for publication in that journal and the Academy released a strong statement disclaiming any connection to this effort and reaffirming the reality of climate change. The Petition resurfaced in 2001. Spin: There is no scientific basis for claims about global warming. IPCC is a hoax. Kyoto is flawed."
Despite the now overwhelming scientific consensus that curbing Global Warming is the challenge of our age, if we're lucky and it hasn't already become an unstoppable process, Robinson's views haven't softened. In a 2008 World Net Daily column Art Robinson wrote,
"No less than 31,000 American physical scientists, including 9,000 Ph.D.s, have... declared the [Global Warming] hypothesis false and have pointed out that atmospheric carbon dioxide is required for all life on Earth and that the modest increases of recent years have fertilized plant growth and actually much enhanced our natural environment."
As with oil and nuclear waste, it would seem Carbon Dioxide is a bonanza for life. Arthur Robinson may well lose his Congressional bid, especially if mainstream and Oregon media notice his copious writing, in Access to Energy and elsewhere, not to mention his extremely successful efforts that have helped block efforts to curb Global Warming. But the very fact that his candidacy has so far received so little scrutiny is a shocking indictment of media in our age, especially given who Robinson beat in the GOP primary to win the Republican nomination as candidate for Oregon's 4th District - Jaynee Germond, who two years ago openly ran for the same seat as a Constitution Party candidate. In 1992, Christian Reconstructionism founder R.J. Rushdoony gave the keynote address at the inaugural founding event of the U.S. Taxpayers Party, later to become the Constitution Party. Rushdoony believed the Sun rotated around the Earth. This is what the Republican Party has come to. As Military Religious Freedom Foundation head Mikey Weinstein, who served in the first Reagan Administration told me a few days ago, "the [Republican] party left me, I didn't leave it." There are still some old-school Republicans such as Weinstein around, no doubt. But no doubt they are fewer by the day. It's a tragedy. On one side, we have Democrats in thrall to corporate interests, and the other we have Republicans in thrall to corporate interests who believe life thrives on industrial waste and claim environmentalists, who for years have warned of the sort of apocalyptic environmental disaster we're now seeing in the Gulf, are actually part of a genocidal plot to rule the world when, by all indications, multinational corporations such as BP nearly rule the world already. Have a nice day.
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