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Repeal Abortion Ban for Servicewomen

Written by Amie Newman for - News, commentary and community for reproductive health and justice.

Sen. Roland Burris (D-IL) introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would repeal the long-standing ban on abortion care for military women seeking an abortion on a U.S. military base - even for a servicewoman willing to use her own money. According to the ACLU:

The ban, which applies even if a woman pays for the procedure with her own private funds and in cases where a woman’s health is at risk, was first put into place in 1988 with an internal Department of Defense memorandum. In 1993, President Bill Clinton reversed the policy by executive order but Congress intervened two years later to codify and reinstate the ban.

The amendment, therefore, would codify the repeal of the ban and take the ball out of play, so to speak. By leaving it up to a Democratic president to issue an executive order and then up to a Republican congress to reinstate the ban, we're just playing ping pong with military women's health and lives. ... Read more

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