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Video: Has an Alabama Republican Made the Most Absurd Campaign Ad Ever?

I'm not really up on the artistic dos and don'ts of campaign ads. Which is why I'm not sure if this one for Dale Peterson, an Alabama Republican running for Agriculture Commissioner, is a huge success or a monumental failure: On the one hand, by brandishing a weapon (note the closeup/zoom-out around the 0:56 point), citing "illegals" who "bust in by the thousands," and lamenting the demise of small farmers, Peterson manages to strike every imaginable conservative nerve in an impressively small span of time (one minute, eleven seconds). On the other, the ad is completely ridiculous: an unabashed, balls-to-the-wall panderfest. But hey, maybe that's what some people want to see. The American ideal, as real as apple pie -- as condensed as Campbell's soup.