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VIDEO Darth Vader Endorses US Climate Bill

This week, Senators Kerry and Leiberman unveiled The American Power Act – 987 pages of draft climate and energy legislation. Our country desperately needs bold clean energy and climate legislation that transitions America to 100% real clean energy, creates good green jobs, and immediately and drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, dirty energy corporations (notably Big Oil and King Coal) have spent obscene amounts of money on lobbying and campaign contributions to influence climate and energy policy and keep us dangerously addicted to dirty energy like coal, oil, and nuclear. All sorts of dirty energy corporations (like Duke, Shell Oil and Florida Power and Light) have endorsed this bill because of all the polluter giveways and subsidizes. Which is why we at Greenwash of the Week invited Darth Vader himself to weigh in on the bill. If you enjoy the video, please share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!