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Right-Wing Oath Keepers Leader: Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Malkin Are Giant Hypocrites

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who warns of impending dictatorship, martial law, and the government blockade of American cities, makes this perfectly reasonable point about the hypocrisy of conservative media (from exclusive Raw Story interview):
"I'm not sure where he's at, he kinda jumps around," Rhodes said of Beck. "He was, early on during the Ron Paul campaign, horrible to Ron Paul. He even suggested that some of his followers were potential domestic terrorists and wanted to use the military against them. So, he seems kind of erratic." "I think, some of the things he's been saying lately, I would agree with," he continued. "But, I'm always skeptical of someone who is erratic and not very consistent."

"Go back into the Bush years," he continued. "I didn't see him being very outspoken against Bush, so that would be my biggest beef with him. You won't find that from me. I challenge anyone to go back and find me saying anything good about President Bush."

Rhodes added: "That's the problem with people like Michelle Malkin, and apparently Glenn Beck -- and Rush Limbaugh is in the same camp -- during the Bush administration, you didn't hear a peep out of them about, oh, the president is overstepping constitutional boundaries, he's endangering the country, this stuff is unconstitutional. I didn't hear anything like that from those people."

"In fact, [it was] quite the opposite," he said. "Michelle Malkin was running around arguing why the internment of Japanese Americans was proper and necessary, [like] they were really dangerous people. You know, [she was] laying the groundwork, overtly, for interning Arab Americans."

"Apparently Glenn Beck is the same way," Rhodes concluded. "He was kissing Bush's booty and now he's counting his change... It's all complete hypocrisy... Even Rush Limbaugh admitted that he was just carrying their water."

Not that this guy was especially active in his alleged opposition to the Bush Administration (Oath Keepers was founded in April 2009). But it's nice to see the slimy hypocrisy of the conservative media stars who exploit anti-government sentiment to up ratings and rack up book deals, called out by one of their crazy heroes.

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