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Crazy Laws, Tea Party Madness and Fox Wingnuts Saying the Darndest Things

I guess I don't understand much about this whole publishing business, but you can apparently buy a copy of my book right now, while I'm still writing it! 9780470643921.pdf Maybe clicking on that link will open some kind of tear in the fabric of space-time, and you'll get a copy before I submit the  text next week. If that should happen, please send me the final drafts of chapters 11-15. Thanks. Wiley, the publisher, says that the book "demolishes the Right's biggest and most outrageous myths about the economy"! And the Jeff Farias Show calls the book "much anticipated," which, given that I have a mother, is certainly true. I did Jeff's show on Friday, and we used that video chat thingy which was kind of interesting. It was a good conversation, covering the Arizona immigration law, the Tea Party phenomenon and a bunch of other stuff. I went out the night before, and folks who know me well will probably pick up on the fact that I'm a bit hung over. But Jeff was coherent, so a good time was had by all and if you have a little time to kill, it's worth watching: PS: if the embedded video doesn't work, try watching it here.
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