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Beck: Make Texas a Concentration Camp for Wingnuts

It's Tax Day, and Glenn Beck is talking about secession. But he's not simply re-litigating the Civil War, as is popular in conservative circles these days, he's calling for an ideological secession. Right-wingers, he says, would kick the rest of the country's ass hands down if only they could get their hands on a single state. "Think of it this way," he says to the treasonous MSM, "Make Texas our concentration camp." They'd show the world that people thrive when they have nothing on which to rely but their own solid bootstraps. Everyone would work, warns Beck. No handouts. My first reaction was to marvel at how the Right has become so openly anti-American. They truly do hate the United States, even while accusing progressives of having a shortfall in patriotism. Talk about projection. Then I thought about what a hellhole that concentration camp would be (even if the barbecue is awesome). Let's not forget that conservative America, contrary to the Right's tough talk about being self-sufficient, is deeply dependent on us nasty liberals for handouts; without them, their state's services would be toast. Via Ezra Klein, here's a map depicting states that took in more federal tax revenues than they sent to Washington: mapstatestaxes And here's that oh-so-familiar red-state/blue state map from the last election: Final2008USPresidentialElectionMap If Lincoln had let the South go, we'd be living in a wealthy modern state with universal health-care, and the Confederacy, well-positioned for 19th century agriculture, would have developed an economy similar to Mexico's.
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