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Karzai Goes Rogue, Galbraith Says Reverse the Surge in Afghanistan

Have you heard? Hamid Karzai wants to join the Taliban. And, according to Peter Galbraith, the former deputy U.N. envoy in Afghanistan, he may be on drugs.

We are rapidly approaching the 1,000th American death in the Afghanistan war. Roughly $300 billion in taxpayer funds -- enough to fund more than 46 million one-year university scholarships here at home -- have been spent in Afghanistan for a war propping up Karzai and his corrupt, warlord-ridden narco-state. And now, after that huge expenditure, Karzai is blaming the United States and the United Nations for the fraud he perpetrated in last year's Afghan election fiasco.

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Now, he says he's considering joining the Taliban unless he's given tight control of the Afghan election commission -- after using it to steer a multi-million vote fraud last year!

The counterinsurgency strategy chosen by the Obama Administration in Afghanistan requires a legitimate local partner. There's no way around it. It's a prerequisite for success. This week, it's become abundantly clear that we not only lack a reliable, stable ally, but the partner we have is perfectly willing to stab us in the back when it's politically convenient.

We spoke with Peter Galbraith today, and he told us that Karzai's outrageous remarks are part of a disturbing pattern of emotional outbursts tied with rumored drug abuse. Galbraith agrees that we lack a legitimate partner in Afghanistan. As such, he's calling for President Obama to halt the troop increase and to bring home significant numbers of U.S. troops.

Galbraith is right. Propping up Hamid Karzai and his cronies isn't worth the lives of our young men and women. It never was.

With friends like these, who needs insurgents?

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