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Anarchists Versus Teabaggers? Epic Battle on Tax Day

Fox Nation and Gateway Pundit are alarmed: some government-hating weirdos are descending on America's cities this Tax Day to mess with the government-hating weirdos of the Tea Party movement. Fox Nation: "Anarchists Plan War on Tea Parties April 15th" Gateway Pundit:"Violent anarchists are planning on infilitrating and sabotaging the Tea Party Protests on April 15th." Let's take a look at the anarchist battle plan for this violent attack:

1. Organize counter-protests against the tea party demonstrations, same time, same place. This is probably the best option. We need to get in the streets on April 15th and show the tea party movement that there are lots of people out there who oppose their agenda.

2. Get individual tea party protesters to leave the right-wing and move to the left politically. That would involve passing out stuff like this at the tea party demonstrations: //

3. Ignore the tea party movement. This is the worst option because without anyone opposing them they could easily gain power.

The Tea Partiers do not intend to take this earnest lecturing and leaflet-passing lying down. That's not what the Founding Fathers would have done. Probably they'd have blustered threateningly about their firearms on an anonymous comment thread, like these patriots on the Gateway Pundit site:
Tom Mannis: "I’ll wear my hard hat and carry my “little friend” under a jacket." Jim: "This will,I believe, be a very grave mistake on their part. I too will be carrying my little friend and hope they do not decide to get violent with me or the wife. (she will have her little friend also)" Militant conservative: "I don’t take little friends I bring big dawgs. Took a vacation day for this event. Sean Hannity will be here in Atlanta. Atlanta’s finest will be very visible and watching for trouble. WE are not starting anything but a revolution to the founding principles. The Dem’s are the rope smoking reprobate hippies, and they know it. Confronted some and it absolutely ties thier tails in knots because they know its true. powder is dry." Patriot Lady (the voice of reason): "We should keep our cool and don’t even acknowledge they are even around. That will get them every time. If we start anything with our little friends this could bring about marshall law and that would stop us in our tracks. Keep your cool and win in the end." "Here in CA, we can’t (legally) carry “little friends” with us. I’ll just smack ‘em over the head with my sign if violence erupts."
So great. Anarchists versus gun-waving lunatics this Tax Day.