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Study Shows Happy Girls Have Sex, Too

The Indiana University School of Medicine recently conducted a study looking at why sexually active teen girls who subsequently choose abstinence (often after an STD diagnosis) later resumed having sex.

What it found is that teen girls aren't always driven to have sex out of depression or rebellion. In fact, of the girls who resumed sexual activity after a period of abstinence, one of the main factors was being happy and having a secure relationship.

As the authors say,

"A number of studies demonstrate associations between depressed mood and sexual risk behaviors. However, studies using daily diaries and momentary sampling have demonstrated close temporal associations between improved mood and sexual thoughts and behaviors...Adolescent sexual intercourse is frequently presented as an entirely opportunity-driven risk behavior. Our data present a more nuanced picture, in which sexual intercourse is associated with important relationship attributes, such as partner support and perceptions of relationship quality."

We live in a world where teen sex is often portrayed solely in negative terms and it's common to assume that teen girls have sex to "get love" or because they are depressed or insecure. Yet despite this conventional wisdom this study reminds us that like adults, teens have sex for a whole lot of reasons, some of them actually pretty positive.