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YOU Are the Center of Glenn Beck's Latest Conspiracy Theory

When I've had a particularly long day, all I want to do is go home and unwind. Comedy helps. And nothing is more darkly hilarious than watching Glenn Beck whip around his studio, drawing conspiratorial chicken-scratch on his whiteboard. And now I get to be part of it myself. As part of a new campaign jointly run by, SEIU, and Brave New Films, now all of us can satirize Beck's ridiculous fear-mongering -- and abhorrence for causal connections. By connecting to your Facebook account, you'll generate a really witty video that depicts Beck claiming that YOU are the reason why America has fallen from greatness. You'll get to join the ranks alongside Van Jones and ACORN! Watch mine here: And create your own here. And share with friends. No better way to drive home how dangerous Glenn Beck's brand of hate and fear is than to amplify his own ridiculous tactics.
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