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Why Is the GOP Supporting Hatred and Division?

It has become quite clear that the GOP has been using the Tea Party not only to divide the country, but also to alienate one another with hateful speech after hateful speech, something they could not possibly do so themselves on the national stage. Their priority is to see President Obama fail, to witness as the country fractures into small little pieces, and to portray themselves as the nation’s saviors, willing and ready to regain power and clean up the mess that their “Tea Party” brand helped to create. This is why it is not surprising to see the likes of Rep. Mike Pence (IN-6), and Sen. Jim Demint (SC), among others in senior leadership positions, fully embrace the Tea Party’s message and agenda at rallies and public events, while officially they trying to forge a false image of civility and bipartisanship. Of course, they also have the GOP to thank for helping them along the way: We’ve all witnessed, in utter awe and disgust, how Teabaggers have pushed hatred and division to the front lines of America’s public discourse. However amusing of a spectacle it may be, it is no surprise to see many years of conservative grooming and nurturing give birth to a so-called “movement” that has been is motivated by fear-mongering and divisiveness. We’ve also seen how the violent tone of their rhetoric has been slowly paving the way to violent action, as prominently displayed in their signs, posters, and speeches. What once seemed to be innocent protests and rallies have since turned into gun-toting, and militia-gathering events that promote chants of secession and revolt. What is even worse is that in the course of their mission to push their political agenda to the national limelight, they the Teabaggers have targeted and attacked entire communities, and have done so with blatant displays of hatred and disdain, using the worst possible epithets as their political tools. This practice of hate and division must stop today.  We must send a message to the GOP, letting them know that it is time to stop supporting the hate and division being peddled by the Teabaggers.