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White House Immigration Meeting Postponed

Roll Call and others are reporting that the White House meeting President Obama and Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) had scheduled for Monday afternoon was rescheduled. Apparently, Senator Graham's flight was cancelled.
“Senator Graham’s meeting with President Obama and Senator Schumer to discuss immigration reform has been postponed,” Graham’s communications director Kevin Bishop said in a statement. “Senator Graham was scheduled to fly to Washington this afternoon but his US Air flight from South Carolina was cancelled. The meeting will be rescheduled.”
The meeting, news of which began leaking out last week, seems to be a reaction to widespread complaints in pro-immigration reform circles that the President has not lived up to his promise to address the issue (See examples from advocacy groups blog posts: America's Voice's post reposted here at AlterNet and NCLR's post at Huffington Post). No word yet on when the meeting will be rescheduled, but the clock is ticking. The March for America, planned for March 21, would seem to be a hard deadline for the President and Congress to demonstrate some progress, an event not likely to be postponed because of flight delays.