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Friends of Convenience? Palin to Head McCain Fundraiser

Since McCain lost the election to Obama in 2008, there's been no shortage of woe-is-me attacks from Sarah Palin, who's made sure to repeat a series of canned talking points about how McCain staffers have unfairly portrayed her as ruefully unprepared and diva-like. While McCain has remained tight-lipped about whether or not tapping Palin to share the ticket more or less marked the end of his presidential campaign, the two former running mates have rarely been seen together since the concession speech. That's changing. McCain faces re-election this November for his Senate seat in Arizona -- and he faces a primary challenge from J.D. Hayworth, a right-wing former Representative. Back in November, Hayworth was trailing him by a mere 2 percent in polls. But then McCain's campaign rolled out an endorsement from Palin, the darling of the far-far-fringe-right. (Mitt Romney and John Kyl signed on, too.) By January, McCain held a much more comfortable 22-point lead. Today news broke that McCain is holding tightly to Palin's rallying power with the Republican base. She will be heading a key fundraiser for his campaign in Arizona on March 23. But we know Palin doesn't come cheap -- she recently headlined the Tea Party convention in Nashville for a healthy sum of $100,000. At the McCain event, $2,500 will get you a photo with the Tea Party luminary. (No word on whether such big-spenders get -- or want --  a photo with McCain.) There are less-VIP options for $1,000 and $500. It's a win-win situation for the former running mates. McCain may convince right-wingers not to unseat him as the wave of anti-incumbent anger grows stronger among the GOP's base. And Palin, well, she gets more publicity, likely an appearance fee, and she remains "relevant."