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Are Smaller Condoms a Better Idea for Teens?

According to the CDC almost 50% of American teens have had sex. Of those, 61% used a condom the last time they did.

That's pretty significant number of kids to be practicing safe sex. But what if despite their best efforts, the condoms these kids were using just weren't working out for them?

Switzerland, at least, has decided to tackle this issue and Pam's House Blend is reporting that,

"A special condom for teens has hit the market in Switzerland...The new condom is 5 millimeters smaller in diameter than the standard model (1.7 inches rather than 2.0 inches). According to the Swiss research, a regular condom is too big for one in four youths of that age and can slip off. At that age, the penis is not always fully grown."

A smaller teen condom seems like a good idea, but I wonder if such a thing would be a success in the States. First off, the idea of marketing a condom to a young teen is about as far from the American view of teen sexuality as you can get.

Additionally, even at that young age, it is likely that a lot of teens would be put off by the knowledge that their condom was smaller than average.

It's not that smaller sized condoms aren't available in the U.S. A few brands make "snug fit" versions of their condoms. But one rarely sees them marketed. And unlike men who need to use larger sized condoms, those who opt for the smaller versions, don't often do so with macho bravado.

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Do you think that sexually active teens with smaller penises would be open to using smaller condoms? Or do you think our cultural penis size baggage would get in the way?

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