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VIDEO: Anthony Weiner Owns it on House Floor; Becomes My New Favorite Congressman

Wednesday morning, Rep. Anthony Weiner, Democrat of Brooklyn, N.Y. was repeatedly chastised by House decorum masters for  correctly and quite passionately asserting that the Republican Party is a "wholly-owned subsidiary of the health insurance industry." He even made a correct (and all-too-rare) public side-note that certain members of his own Democratic Party are also highly indebted to the insurance industry, and are equally responsible for the piecemeal, one-step-forwards-three-steps-backwards approach Congress has taken when it comes to health care reform. Watch: Signs had been indicating this might be true for a while now -- as Weiner's been consistently vocal and progressive with regards to health care reform (and DADT and a number of other issues) -- but it's now officially fair to say he's my new favorite congressman. Although pickings are slim when it comes to "liking" politicians, Weiner's been demonstratively aggressive on important issues like health care when so many of his colleagues huddle in silence and behind stale press releases and prepared statements. I only wish the applause would've been greater than the amusement on his colleagues' faces. I wish, too, that the House wasn't so overshadowed by its more debauched older sister, the Senate, in this whole health care deform mess. I'll lift my glass to you tonight, Rep. Weiner. Thank you for the best C-SPAN moment in recent memory.
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