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The Laura Chinchilla Win Sure isn't a Victory for All Women

If seeing Sarah Palin's face on Fox news wasn't reminder enough that a socially conservative woman has more chance of gaining political power than does a liberal one, Costa Rica's recent election of Laura Chinchilla for president, hits that message home.

According to the New York Times, "Although she follows the center-left welfare policies of her party, she is a social conservative who opposes abortion and gay marriage."

To be sure, this is an important moment. With this election, Chinchilla becomes Costa Rica's first female president, and joins only a handful of other female world leaders. As a result, many women are likely very inspired by the victory.

But given her views, the Chinchilla win is really more of a victory for one woman than it is for all women. While it's nice to have your gender represented in politics, it's not nearly as nice as having your rights guaranteed.