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Tea Partiers Call Captain America a Socialist!

Rick Ungar at True/Slant tells the story: For those who may not have followed the brouhaha, Marvel got in trouble with the Tea Party this week as a result of a Captain America episode where Cap and his sidekick, The Falcon, are investigating a right wing, anti-government militia group called “The Watchdogs.”

In the offending scene, the two heroes are watching an all-white, anti-tax rally taking place below their vantage point high above the crowd. Captain America wants to send The Falcon, who is African American, into the crowd by posing as an IRS agent. Falcon isn’t too keen on the idea, saying “I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks.”

Meanwhile, a panel revealing the crowd shows them holding signs very much like those we see at Tea Party rallies.

The Tea Party was not amused by the suggestion that an African American would not be welcomed at their gatherings just as they were offended by messages placarded on the signs. An uproar ensued – so much so that Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, issued an apology and indicated that the offending panels would be changed in future printings of the edition in question.

So, it turns out that the Tea Party is all over the First Amendment rights thing – until they are offended by someone else availing themselves of their own speech rights at the perceived expense of the Tea Party.

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