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Sexperts Studying Yoga Claim to Have Found a Way for Women to Achieve 100 Orgasms in a Row

Orgasm. Repeat to the 100th power.

Photo Credit: Sophie Tien/Flickr Creative Commons

Welp, the results are in, ladies, and tests show 100 orgasms a day keeps the blues away…

That’s right, according to sexperts, every woman is capable of achieving the amazing feat of what researchers call a “super orgasm”. While this sounds like a great feat of the imagination or a clever name for a sexual superhero power, we’ve been told none of this is fiction.

The “super orgasm” is a term used to describe when a woman’s vajayjay can grant her multiple orgasms in a row! We know you’re wondering the same thing we are… where do I sign up for this type of sexual healing?

They’re making a flick to document the proof

According to new scientific studies done as part of a Channel 4 documentary called The Super Orgasm, all women are capable of achieving this euphoria. This fact-based flick details five different women and their brains’ ability to produce a heavenly little hormone known as oxytocin (this is the stuff that makes you feel good inside).

The Holy Grail

Jannette, 28, one of the women who appears in Super Orgasm, believes her orgasmic power is God-given (yeah, we’d say so).

“As a Christian you get told that God makes you feel good. So when I have an orgasm and it’s the best feeling in the world, so as far as I am concerned God gave me that power.”

This brings a whole new meaning to the term “seventh heaven”!

Relax, it’s just sex

While some women are simply prone to having multiple orgasms, others reach their peak by simply being less inhibited. Relaxation seems to be the key and women who are more easily aroused and free from performance pressure were more likely to achieve the super orgasm.

Love & Sex

Studies also show that multiple orgasms can be achieved by simply having sex with someone you’ve bonded with. Hence the belief that the more you love a person… the better the sex will be. That’s right: Having sex with bae can make it all better because it creates a low-pressure and highly pleasurable scenario for you and your partner.

Sexcercise, Anyone...?

If you’re still having trouble reaching your sexual peak, try a little sexcercise! Studies show that yoga is one workout that can be used in and out of the bedroom to help relieve stress and bring you to experience mind blowing pleasure multiple times.

Just do it!

Our suggestions are downward facing doggie-style or kitty cat–cow pose for starters. But, there are multiple ways to titillate your senses and land you in some provocative positions.

This article from the Huffington Post guarantees to get you into all the right poses.

Trust us, your g-spot will thank us.

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