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This Woman Turns Your Dirty Texts Into Short Films (Video)

The pay-for-film service transforms sexts into film scripts.

Photo Credit: Send Me Your Sexts

If you have ever received a sexually driven text and thought, well that paints quite the picture, you might want to get in touch with Eileen Yaghoobian, the documentarian committed to turning your sexts into onscreen action, one dirty thought at a time.

Yaghoobian’s website Send Me Your Sexts operates as a pay-for-film service that transforms the average text into a script for a short film. “I think most of what is sexy in words is comedy… it’s sexy acted out, but funny when said aloud,” Yaghoobian told AlterNet.

“Some people love dirty talk and are good at it, and some love to be a tease and suck at talk. But the tech part of sexting gives people the freedom to be the dirty-talking self they never thought they could be in real life, and that’s the part that interests me,” she explained in a previous interview.

“What interests me is the narrative aspect of sexting. The sexy words people choose in verbalizing their sexual fantasies are fascinating and say a lot about their character. I mean you can talk sexy when you’re having sex, but to talk sexy in a text to get to the act of sex is something else,” she told Vice.

The reenactments, which will cost about $80 to produce, are shot on location in public spaces. The cast is determined by the text.

Check out her latest episode below. - Bruce & Jane, November 2014 - January 2015 from Send Me Your Sexts on Vimeo.

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