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In What States Did Women Have the Most Sex in 2016?

This give a whole new meaning to the song "Meet me in St. Louis."

Photo Credit: Dmitriy Raykin/Shutterstock

It’s a big world with plenty of places to have sex. But where can a gal go to have the most sex?  The answer, one new survey suggests, lies somewhere in the Midwest.

The folks over at Eve, a period tracking app, decided to take advantage of their reach by asking 500,000 users about something other than their menstrual cycle. This time around, they wanted to know about sex, specifically, how much of it women were having, and where?

According to their findings, the women of St. Louis, Missouri had more sex in 2016 than the rest of American women. The city beat out LA, New York and Las Vegas.

Though the latter city didn’t come in far behind. Las Vegas came in as 2016’s second sexiest city. Next came Detroit, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon after that.

And if you’re into astrology, you may find this next bit somewhat significant. Aquarius women, those born in January and February, reported having more sex than any other sign. Virgos came in second, and Taurus third. Leo, Cancer and Aries women, on the other hand, reported having the least sex out of the entire zodiac.

The women surveyed also said they had “mind-blowing” or “pretty good” sex 89% of the time. While they didn’t specify what exactly made the sex so special, we might look to the fact that women are more likely to orgasm when oral sex is involved. Perhaps it’s a flick of the tongue that makes the sex so good, but we can’t say for sure.

Check out the infographic below to see what other cities made it onto the list. 

Carrie Weisman is a writer focusing on sex, relationships and culture.