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Valentine's Day 2016: Expressions of Love Get Pricier Every Year

How are we spending our precious time and money?

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They say that money can’t buy you love, but that didn’t stop a whole host of industries, from greeting card manufacturers to lingerie sellers, from figuring out how to cash in on amorous feelings on Valentine’s Day. Each year, Americans spend almost $20 billion showing the objects of their affection just how much they care. While plenty of people opt to sit out the day, for those who do partake, love means never having to say you’re sorry you didn’t at least bother to pick up a card, or I dunno, something on the way home.

The number crunchers over at WalletHub decided to round up facts and figures for Valentine’s Day 2016, with some interesting results. Did you know one out of five people will buy gifts for their pets? Or that a projected 14 million proposals of marriage will be made? Or which American cities top the list of 100 for romance and affordability?

Here’s how WalletHub found people will be spending their time and money on this year’s celebration.

Valentine by the numbers2016 v6

Source: WalletHub

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