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Pot Smokers Have More Sex, Apparently

A condom-maker's survey finds marijuana users tend to have more sex, more sexual partners and more confidence in the bedroom.

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If you aren't sold on the many benefits of marijuana use, here’s one that may convert you: It makes you better at sex.

According to the SKYN Condoms 2015 Millennial Survey, daily marijuana smokers tend to have more sex with more people and have more confidence while doing so. That seems to make sense. Apart from the laid-back attitude weed inspires, pot has long been considered a potent aphrodisiac (some say it helps with premature ejaculation).

Unfortunately, that sex-focused, care-free space doesn't always lead to good decisions: according to the annual survey—conducted by a leading condom maker—only 44% of daily smokers use condoms compared to 48% of non-smokers. Here are a few more stats from the survey:

  • 59% of those who smoke daily lost their virginity when they were 15 or younger compared to 26% of those who never smoke.
  • Daily marijuana smokers have more sex than non-smokers, reporting that they have sex “several times per day” (14% vs. 5%).
  • Only 5% of daily smokers have had 1 sexual partner compared to 23% of those who’ve never smoked; whereas 37% of daily smokers report 15 or more sexual partners compared with 14% of those who have never smoked.
  • Daily marijuana smokers have had more one-night stands than those who have never smoked (80% vs. 52%).
  • Daily marijuana smokers are more confident in the sack than non-smokers; 59% vs. 41% believe they are “amazing” or “very good” in bed.
  • Daily marijuana smokers are more likely to use free or paid dating sites than non-smokers (34% vs. 21%).

Carrie Weisman is a writer focusing on sex, relationships and culture.