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Ever Wonder Where Women Fantasize About Having Sex? Here’s Your Answer

Here’s hoping you live near a beach.

Photo Credit: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

If you’ve ever walked up the stairs in front of a prospective sex partner and thought, “Here’s a good place to get things on,” you’re not alone. According to a survey of 3,000 women, stair sex is a universal fantasy. Apparently, it’s all about the angles.

Sex on the beach was another fantasy straight, bisexual and gay women all shared. The similarities, however, stopped there. The survey, which was conducted by the mattress retailer Sleep Cupid, found that big events (think weddings, birthday parties and perhaps the occasional bar mitzvah) appeared on the list of places straight and bisexual women would like to have sex, outside of their own bedrooms, of course. Joining the “mile-high club”—having sex on a plane—was also of interest.

Gay women skipped out on both those fantasies, claiming to be more in having sex in places like the garage, a closet or the office.

Speaking of offices, 83.9 percent of women surveyed said they'd fantasized about having sex with a coworker. And 71.3 percent wanted to get it on with the boss, specifically.

Reality, unfortunately, has a way of disrupting the things we fantasize about most. Almost 40 percent of the women surveyed said their relationships got in the way of following through on their fantasies. Thirty-eight percent placed the blame on the HR department (yes, office sex is really a thing). Thirty-two percent skipped out on their fantasies for fear of public shaming. Twenty-four percent avoided their fantasies because of the legal consequences that could follow (public sex, perhaps?).

If you’re looking to help a woman entertain some of her fantasies, you might think of approaching her late in the day. According to the women surveyed, female interest in sex spikes in the evening hours. Though the afternoon isn’t a terrible time to approach the subject, either. Lunchtime, however, is. Less than 10 percent of women surveyed said they had interest in having sex during lunch. Apparently, it doesn’t pay to get between a woman and her food. 

Carrie Weisman is a writer focusing on sex, relationships and culture.