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Did Trump Ruin Our Sex Lives?

A new study finds that this election season has had a particularly negative impact on female libido.

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If the stress of everyday life hadn’t already killed your sex life, it looks like Trump might have.

In October, the fertility app Kindara surveyed 928 users eligible to vote in this year’s election. While women on either side of the party spectrum admitted to having lost their libido this season, Democrats appeared particularly prone to this kind of “election dysfunction.” Nineteen percent indicated the election has had a negative impact on their sex lives. Just 9 percent of Republicans responded similarly.

Overall, 4 percent of all survey participants said they would put off becoming pregnant, depending on the results of the election. Fifty-six percent identified as Democrat, 18 percent Republican.

Forty-five percent of Republican women said that sex sounds more appealing than voting on Election Day. Democratic women, however, didn’t appear quite as horny, with just 25 percent saying the same. 

The debates seemed to have been even less of a priority, with 67 percent of Republican women saying sex was more important than tuning in. At 50 percent, a significantly lower number of Democrats said they would prioritize sex over watching the debates.

And the political impact on our sex lives doesn’t just begin and end with who might be running for office. Twenty-one percent of women surveyed said good economic news “positively impacted” their sex lives. On the flip side of things, 18 percent of those surveyed said bad economic news had a negative impact on their sex lives.

The survey also found that Democrats appear more willing to shack up with someone outside their political party. Thirty-three percent of Democrats surveyed said they would be open to having a relationship with someone voting for Trump. Just 16 percent of Republicans said they’d go to bed with a Hillary supporter. We will note those findings conflict with another study we recently reported on, which found that a majority of voters would rather date someone who can't read than someone voting for Trump. 

You can check out the original results of the survey here

Carrie Weisman is a writer focusing on sex, relationships and culture. 

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