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9 Weird Ways You Can Use Lube That Have Nothing to Do With Sex

Life can be hard. Lube can help.

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According to the folks over at Astroglide, a lubricant can best be defined as any substance that helps reduce friction. When that phrase is expanded to read “personal lubricant,” the focus tends to fall on sex. But if you take a moment to look at the labels, you might notice that the stuff contains some familiar ingredients, and not all are neccesarily associated with getting down. Listed below are 10 ways lube can help get you out of some uncomfortable and totally nonsexual situations.

1. It can get your zipper unstuck.

Almost everyone has experienced a jammed zipper. Almost no one walks around armed with a remedy to deal with it. But don’t worry. A lot of lubes come in small, discreet containers. So next time you put on a pair of problematic pants, throw a packet in your pocket. If the zipper sticks, you can massage some lube onto the teeth and help inch it down. With enough patience, and enough product, it will eventually come loose.

2. It can help moisturize your skin.

In The Sex and Pleasure Book, sexologist Carol Queen explains that water-based cream lubricants have a tendency to be absorbed by the skin “in a lotion-like way.” When one woman decided to test that out herself, she wrote, “[Lube] does have a terrific moisturizing quality… I definitely loved how soft my skin felt when replacing my normal moisturizer with lube.” Some say it can help with chapped lips, too.

3. It can help remove rings.

According to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), one of the first things you need to do to remove a ring from a swollen finger is grease it up. Just as lube helps large members slide into tiny spaces, it can also help tiny things slide off swollen members.

4. It can help style your hair.

When the folks over at überlube set out to develop a personal lubricant, they wanted their product to be versatile. That’s why they decided to expand its use beyond sex. Stylist Steven Lightfoot has been using it on his clients for the past eight years. He claims the lube creates “a tangle-free, highly conditioned, incredibly shiny hair texture, so it’s a great finishing product” adding, “It’s fragrance-neutral, so it doesn’t mess with your favorite shampoo scent.”

5. It can help you shave your legs.

According to The Frisky, a water-based lube works as a great replacement for shaving cream. It helps deliver a close shave on either the legs or the face and protects against razor burn. Just make sure to wash it off with soap and water before hopping out of the shower.

6. It can help prevent chafing.

When the überlube guys sat down with long-distance runner Jacq Jones, he explained, “Before I started running I had no idea how painful chafing could be.” That's when he realized lube can actually offer some protection. When asked how it compares to other products out there, Jones said, “It keeps working a really long time. My first marathon was the New York Marathon, and that one application of überlube worked the entire race without feeling sticky and gross.”

7. It can help prevent blisters.

Camilla Lombard, events and publicity manager at Good Vibrations sex toy shop, once told a blogger, "Silicone lube is great for avoiding blisters in new shoes.” Now that spring is finally here, that tip may save us all a lot of pain.

8. It can shine your shoes.

According to the blog Moms In Babeland, silicone lube can be used to help you polish your shoes. According to them, it can add a shine to dull looking shoes and help protect leather products and Latex clothing.

9. It can help get rid of lice.

The Moms in Babeland strike again with this strange piece of advice. According to them, the slipperiness of silicone lube makes the unpleasant task of combing out lice a lot easier. And it’s cheap. So while we may usually associate lube with more adult-centered activities, it could actually double as a cost-effective solution to a common kid problem.     

Carrie Weisman is a writer focusing on sex, relationships and culture. 

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