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4 Reasons a Hangover Might Make You Crave Sex

An orgasm is a great way to ease the pain.

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You’re hungover. You’re tired. Your head hurts. You probably regret a few things from the night before and can’t remember the rest. But on top of it all you’re also … horny?

Maybe you can’t relate. Not everyone wants to get down after a night of overdoing it. But there’s a reason why the term “horny hangover” has a place in the urban dictionary. Listed below we bring you four reasons why hangovers might turn you on.

1. You’re thinking about sex.

Alcohol myopia, as defined by the medical dictionary, refers to the effect of alcohol that causes users to focus more on certain environmental cues and less on others. In other words, we’re more likely to hone in on the good than the bad.

Since sex is a pretty universal crowd pleaser, it makes sense that getting drunk makes people more likely to respond to sexual stimuli. William H. George explained to Men’s Health, “It’s like wearing beer goggles that filter out red lights so all you see are green lights.” If you’ve still got booze in your system the next morning, you might still be subject to the effect.

"It's possible that some guys have alcohol myopia during their hangovers that keeps them focused on their junk," Tierney Lorenz of the Kinsey Institute explained to the publication.

2. It helps ease the pain.

Orgasms carry some great pain-relieving properties. Some experts even recommend women masturbate to help relieve menstrual cramps. So it makes sense that the same cure can be used to counter the pain presented by a hangover.

As sex and relationship expert Emily Morse says, “For a few minutes, you get to feel something other than a pounding headache and a sour stomach. You’re temporarily released from your physical hangover purgatory, making the regular sensations of sex feel like a godsend.”

3. You may be craving good sex.

Drunk sex is not always great sex, so if you didn’t get your fill the night before, the next morning seems as good a time as any to give it another go. Alcohol is a neural suppressant, and too much of it can get in the way of erection, arousal, lubrication and sensation. If you’re hoping to experience an orgasm, it’s probably best to wait until the stuff starts to leave your system.

4. Your body is calling the shots.

A research group from the University of Washington and the Kinsey Institute found that men who had been drinking had an especially difficult time controlling their erections. That doesn’t just refer to a failure to get it up. When asked to suppress their erections, participants actually ended up getting bigger boners than those who were explicitly asked to try and get hard.

If you still have alcohol lingering in your system the next morning, you may find your body and brain are stuck in the middle of two very different experiences. 

Carrie Weisman is a writer focusing on sex, relationships and culture. 

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