Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Former GOP Congressmen Into Declaring Support for Arming Toddlers With Guns to Prevent School Shootings

"A three-year old cannot defend itself from a [sic] assault rifle by throwing a Hello Kitty pencil case."

Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh

Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen has pulled off a remarkable feat: exposing the real inner beliefs of Republican U.S. Congressmen on guns, and it's beyond disturbing.

In a clip for his new Showtime series "Who Is America?", Baron Cohen speaks with right wing Republican lawmakers, including Dana Rohrabacher of California, Joe Wilson of South Carolina, former U.S. Congressman turned far right wing radio host Joe Walsh, and disgraced former Senate Minority Leader turned lobbyist Trent Lott.

Baron Cohen, posing as an Israeli "anti-terror expert," introduces them to his fake “Kinderguardians” program that purportedly "trains" toddlers as young as three and four to shoot guns.

To get their buy-in, he first goes to two right wing extremists and pro-gun activists, then takes those endorsements to the current and former lawmakers.

It works, and in the clip below, Lott advocates for putting guns in the hands of "highly-trained preschoolers."

Rep. Joe Wilson (of "you lie!" infamy) looks in the camera and says, "a three-year old cannot defend itself from a [sic] assault rifle by throwing a Hello Kitty pencil case."

And former Rep. Joe Walsh, known for his outrageous remarks, does not disappoint.

"The intensive three-week kinder-guardians course introduces specially selected children from 12 to 4 years old to pistols, rifles, semiautomatics and a rudimentary knowledge of mortars in less than a month." He adds that in "less than month, a first-grader can become a first-grenader."

And Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America – an even more far right version of the NRA, declares, "Toddlers are pure, uncorrupted by fake news or homosexuality."

It gets worse from there.

Pratt rattles off a load of nonsensical "science," including this:

“Children under five also have elevated levels of the pheromone Blink-182, produced by the part of the liver known as the Rita Ora,” Pratt says. “This allows nerve reflexes to travel along the Cardi B neural pathway to the Wiz Khalifa 40% faster, saving time and saving lives.”

Here's a short 2-minute clip:

They're mad the "KinderGuardians" aren't real

— Danarchy Productions (@DJDanarchy) July 16, 2018

And the full 10-minute clip that will leave your mouth open in shock.†c

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