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Etch-A-Tweet: Mitt Romney spokesman deletes 800 tweets critical of women

Mitt Romney hits the delete button
New York Daily News:
A Romney aide is rewriting history — his own.

Richard Grenell, a former Bush official, removed hundreds of Tweets and comments from his online profile this weekend after reporters zeroed in on his penchant for snarky comments about women in politics.

“Hillary is starting to look liek (sic) Madeline Albright,” Grenell wrote on his Twitter page, comparing current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the the first female secretary of state, who served under Bill Clinton.

In total, according to The Daily News, 800 tweets were erased. As I wrote on Friday:
Given his boss, it's pretty fitting that within his first few hours on the job, he had to whip out the old Etch-A-Sketch.
Before the tweet issue arose, Romney had been under fire from the GOP's social right for picking Grenell because he is openly gay.