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Limbaugh Just Letting You Know, He STILL Wants Obama to Fail

In case this was keeping you up at night, you can stop worrying: Rush Limbaugh still wants President Obama to fail. No really guys, he means it.

The portly right-wing star and de facto leader of the Republican Party (yeah, I’ll repeat that frame) once again reiterated his totally constructive take on how to dig the US economy out of its death spiral: sabotage the Administration’s efforts to stave off another Great Depression. Note, also, how Limbaugh bends the space/time continuum to bolster his point:

The economic disaster, the tailspin, the destruction, of the greatest economic engine in the history of the world ... these policies of Barack Obama’s which have led us to this point ...

So,  apparently, Obama went back in time (with his time machine) and  instituted socialism without anyone noticing -- is that what allowed a bunch of assholes on Wall Street to trigger a full-scale global economic catastrophe? Wait, that doesn’t seem right, because we’d all be speaking Russian right now, so ...

Anyway, whatever sinister economic plan Obama put into play, way back in the eighties when he would have been in charge of that sort of thing, is what has inspired -- nay forced -- Limbaugh to bravely speak out against the President’s policies (at great risk to himself, of course):

 [these policies] ... are precisely why I fearlessly said and STILL say, I hope he fails.

It may seem like cheap, low-hanging fruit to tear apart and mock the absurdities that come out of Limbaugh in his Herculean efforts to land more magazine covers and gain more media coverage and more listeners and even more inexplicable power over the Republican establishment. But let’s not forget that the most effective propaganda consists of totally ridiculous -- but enticingly simple -- statements repeated over and over and over again. And, let’s not forget that Limbaugh has a lot of listeners. Perhaps not the 20 million he claims,but certainly an audience of extremely devoted followers who number in the millions. That’s a dangerous amount of people to believe that stuff.

Here's the clip, via Media Matters for America:

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