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WATCH: InfoWars Shouter Tries to Ambush Progressive Texas Candidate—and Goes Down in Flames

Even the diehard fans know Trump hasn't exactly drained the swamp.

Photo Credit: Screenshot / YouTube

An InfoWars videographer attempted to ambush Austin, Texas-based defense attorney Chris Perri, who is running for Congress.

While shouting into a microphone at an Impeach Trump rally, Owen Shroyer hammered the candidate on foreign policy as the progressive answered questions calmly and respectfully.

Ultimately, Perri got the InfoWars interviewer to admit he didn’t agree with Trump’s actions on Syria and that Trump hasn’t “drained the swamp” the way he said he would. Shroyer also admitted that Trump had demanded a loyalty pledge from former FBI director James Comey, something the president and the White House have denied.

The two then got into a long conversation about what constitutes “obstruction of justice.” Shroyer asked, “but didn’t Barack Obama obstruct justice” for not acting fast enough on Russia. Perri explained that the former president wasn’t under investigation for links to Russia, so there wasn’t an investigation to obstruct, and sanctions were eventually levied against the Russians by the Obama administration.

Once the discussion seemed to be lost, Shroyer quickly switched to talking about immigration.

Perri fought back about the implication that deportations make communities safer. He specifically cited cases in which the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement came into courtrooms where domestic violence survivors were being detained after serving as witnesses.

“I thought Republicans cared about states' rights,” Perri said. “If you care about states' rights, then when the state of Texas is prosecuting somebody and they need somebody to come in and testify, to have the federal government come in and arrest that victim—it sent waves of fear where the immigrant community won’t even call the police.”

“I’ll agree with that,” Shroyer said.

Watch their full exchange below:

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Sarah K. Burris covers digital media and politics for Raw Story.