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Conservative News Sites Falsely Claim Black Lives Matter Protested Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

The fake news story contradicts Black Lives Matter's actual efforts to help hurricane survivors.

Photo Credit: Susan Melkisethian / Flickr

In a new wave of fake news, a false story about the Black Lives Matter movement impeding Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts are making the rounds on conservative news sites and Facebook pages. 

The viral story used a false headline and an image from a 2015 Black Lives Matter protest in Boston. Upon clicking the Facebook link, however, viewers are redirected to a different story about the Texas Young Democrats protesting Trump’s arrival to Austin, Texas, on behalf of hurricane victims.

This isn’t the first fake claim that BLM interfered with relief efforts. A few days back, a “satirical” website called published the same claim, though they disclose on their homepage that all stories are fake. It's unclear if the two incidents are linked.

In complete contradiction with the claims, members of Black Lives Matter Houston are actually contributing to relief efforts, collecting food and supplies to bring to shelters for children and their families.

According to Buzzfeed, by 11 AM on Friday, the story had 120,000 shares across ten conservative Facebook pages with a collective 12 million fans.

Jennie Neufeld is an intern at Salon, formerly a junior writing fellow at AlterNet. 

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