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‘Clueless’ Conservative Actress Stacey Dash Is Considering a California Congressional Run

Do we really need another washed-up celebrity in Washington?

Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0

Former Hollywood actress turned conservative political pundit Stacey Dash is contemplating a run for office.

Dash, who rose to prominence with the 1995 Gen-X coming-of-age movie Clueless, was fired by Fox News as a correspondent.

Dash’s Twitter profile says she lives in Los Angeles, which could be tough political turf for the conservative commentator.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, while pushing Donald Trump’s candidacy, Dash said it was "21st-century Nazism" that black voters backed President Barack Obama.

Also in 2016, Dash made headlines for transphobic comments after sayings trans people should "go in the bushes."

In 2015, Dash demanded woman should "stop making excuses" for getting paid less than male counterparts.

This history has some mocking the potential political campaign.

“The former Fox News correspondent has been lambasted for her views on Black History Month, a failed Oscars sketch during the 2016 ceremony and for forgetting her roots as a video vixen and former actress in black cinema,” Blavity noted. “But many of her detractors want her to reconsider because there really isn’t a need for more washed-up celebrities in Washington D.C.”

“When it comes to politics and dealing with the black community, very few people are as clueless and divisive as Stacey Dash,” The Grio noted.

“The notorious self-proclaimed devil’s advocate and the queen of problematic opinions recently took to Twitter to ask her followers how they would feel if she put her extensive expertise in media trolling to use in the political arena: she’s talking Congress, people,” BET noted.

This is not the first time Dash has floated a trial balloon on running for Congress. In 2016, Entertainment Tonight reported on Dash considering a career in politics.


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