Republican Insider ‘Paranoid’ that ‘Another Shoe Is About to Drop’ in Kavanaugh Sex Assault Investigation

“[W]e’re at this weird standstill."

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
Photo Credit: Flickr/CBP Photography

Speaking with a White House correspondent from Axios, a GOP insider who is privy to discussions between the Oval Office and Republican leaders says there is tension that another “shoe may drop” in the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Buried deep in the report on how the Democrats plan to make the Republican response to the accusations made by Dr. Christine Ford a centerpiece of the upcoming midterm election is Republican concern that more is still to come.

According to the source who spoke with Jonathan Swan of Axios, “There is certainly some level of unity [between Senate Rs and the White House] that it’s bizarre [that] after offering to testify, it now appears she doesn’t want to.”

But still, concern lingers.

“[W]e’re at this weird standstill,” the insider added. “But is there going to be another shoe to drop? I am paranoid that this is just right now and they’re going to come back with something else.”

As for Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley’s demand that Ford commit to speaking with Senate investigators, giving her an early Friday deadline, the GOP insider said it could all change on a dime.

“I’m just not convinced this is game, set, match through to Monday. There’s plenty of time,” they warned.

You can read more here, including how the Democrats will use Kavanaugh voted onto the Supreme Court or not, into a major campaign issue.


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Tom Boggioni is a senior editor at Raw Story.